Mobile Applications

Beautiful, fast and smooth. That's what we are aiming for in every app that we build.

Native Android and iOS apps for the best user experience. Always using the latest tech, Kotlin, Coroutines and Jetpack on Android and Swift with RxSwift on iOS.

Single code-base for Android and iOS? You bet! With Flutter we can build cross-platform apps that save you time and money without sacrificing performance.

Web Applications

Full stack solutions, with single page apps connecting to a backend or a static web pages, we'll make it visually appealing and responsive.

For native frontend apps we usually go with JavaScript or TypeScript, combined with Vue.js.

Flutter for web can be also a good choice in certain use cases. But do not worry, we can recommend a tech stack that suits your needs the best.

Backend Development

Your app needs a backend? We can help you with that.
We can build it from the ground up and then deploy it. Architected to be scalable, secure and performant.

We like to work with following technologies:
  • Python - Django or Flask
  • Java - Spring
  • Kotlin - Ktor
  • JavaScript - Express.js
  • C# - ASP.NET Core

Data storage? Either in a relational database or a NoSQL database.

When it comes to cloud deployment we use AWS and Google Cloud.


Already have a product? Let's improve it by working together. No matter at what software development stage you are, just a project idea or a mature product.

Some areas we can help you with:
  • Selecting optimal technologies
  • Cloud solutions
  • Database optimisation
  • Software architecture assessment and redesign
  • Agile methodologies and team setup